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Amber Theoharis the beautiful cohost on NFL Network’s Total Access. A graduate of University of Maryland, Amber got her start at WBOC news in Salisbury Maryland. From there she moved on to become a sports reporter for MASN.
Some of her other duties for MASN included covering the Baltimore Ravens by hosting Ravens Xtra with Wally Williams and Bruce Laird and Playmakers, and reporting during Orioles telecasts. In 2011 she began to shft to interviews and features for MASN in place of doing the day to day work of covering the Orioles. She also hosted a sports talk show called The A-List on WJZ-FM 105.7 Baltimore. She left in 2012 to work for the NFL Network.
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Born on September 13th, 1978. She has received numerous awards, including an Emmy, and is most recently associated with the NFL Network, where she co-hosts “NFL Total Access.” Theoharis graduated from Middletown High School, after which she earned a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Journalism from the University of Maryland.

During her time as a student, Theoharis already had plans to become a successful sports journalist, participated in extra-curricular activities and generally working diligently. After graduating in Marlyand, Theoharis began her career in journalism as production assistant at the Washington-based WJLA-TV. Her next transition was to Salisbury, Maryland, with WBOC, and eventually WJZ-FM, where she hosted sports talk radio. She has worked for WSYX-TV as a co-host and anchor on “Buckeye Football Fever”, and for WRC-T as a sporting reporter.

In 2007, she joined MASN, hosting several shows as a sports reporter. These shows included “Ravens Xtra”, “O’s Xtra”, “Ravens Wired”, “Playmakers”, and “The Mid Atlantic Sports Report.” Although she reported on Bartimore’s Orioles team daily, Theoharis started to focus on interviews and features for MASN’s “Mid-Atlantic Sports Report”. It was here that she substituted as a sportscaster with Rick Dempsey, on “O’s Extra” post-game and pre-game shows, after Jim Hunter moved to the booth to do play-by-plays and someone was required to fill his position.

She has appeared on WJZ-FM Baltimore’s sporting talk show “The A-List”, and written as a columnist for “PressBox”. In September 2012, Theoharis replaced a long-time co-host, Kera Henderson, who was leaving The NFL Network at the end of nine years of service.
Theoharis was named Baltimore’s most eligible bachelorette by Forbes, a business magazine based in America. The National Sportwriters Association named her the Maryland Sportscaster of the year, and she has been given the honor of receiving awards in sports journalism by the Associated Press. This is just one such honors that she has been giving during her illustrious career as a sports journalist.

As a television personality, Theoharis has gained popularity with her straight-forward and focused approach to media topics. This is evidenced by her positive viewer ratings. Her beautiful face and sporty, attractive body frame have helped her to win over fans. There are plenty of images of her available online, even while details regarding other aspects of her life are kept rather secretive.

Regarding Theoharis’ personal life, she is married to Todd Buchler, and they have two daughters. The family of four currently live in Los Angeles, CA. Details regarding her romantic history and similar personal events are limited in the media, which is a refreshing change for a popular, beautiful, media personality. Theoharis keeps her childhood and private life relatively secret, and little is known about her, outside of the professional world. This includes details about her parents, and her daughters, including their names.
Her official Twitter account is a popular medium for her fans, where admirers are in no short supply. Amber Theoharis is a well-known, beautiful, hard-working, and successful sports personality. Her popularity is still growing as more people, especially male admirers, flock to see and hear more from her.

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